First Kiss Finder

We are always in a quandary of what to get each other for Valentine’s Day. Candy isn’t Whole 30 Approved, and flowers die. Stephen loves a card, but this year we found these candles from Homesick Candles. They smell amazing, but beat the cheesy standard gifts because they’re actually practical. This year they started this awesome First Kiss Finder online where you can mark where your first kiss happened. This got us reminiscing from 12 years ago when we had our first kiss. It’s amazing to think that we are still kissing the same lips to this day. Sometimes it still feels like it is the first kiss. The FIRST KISS candle certainly gives the feeling that we had that night. If you’re looking to purchase a special gift for Valentine’s consider this, and use code BROADWAY15 to get 15% off your purchase. In full disclosure we get a small kickback from this sponsored ad, but you’re contributing to future Baby Hanna-Shuford, and we are so appreciative. Spread the word.

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