How We Got 10K on Instagram in 6 months

Five more tips to grow your following

Partner with Larger Accounts

We reached out to instagram accounts that focus on and promote gay couple visibility offering to send them content in exchange for followers. We even offered to do story takeovers which a few actually gave us permission to do. Take a moment and think about accounts that could be in alignment with your messaging, could you offer to create content for them, or promote them in some way.

Tag larger accounts

You don’t have to wait for these accounts to partner with you, take a moment and tag accounts that you want to be featured in when you have high quality content that they may be interested in. The more you bring attention to your content, the more likely they will notice you to share with their followers.

Local Love

Find local businesses or instagram accounts that might align with your messaging and offer to partner with them. Could you collaborate on a post together, or plan an event locally that others might be interested in. The more you help each other, the more your followers will learn about you both. Also, engage with their content. Don’t just HEART peoples posts, but leave at least a 4 word comment in order to help the algorithm.

Don’t forget hashtags

You can have up to 30 hashtags (no more) on each post on instagram, that’s 30 ways for you to show up in peoples feeds using keywords. Take a moment and come up with 30 relevant hashtags for your post. A great website to help, that we found, is Display Purposes.


Doing a big giveaway was by far one of the best ways that we grew our interest. We’ve done several, but always consider partnering with larger accounts than yours so that you are sharing the gifts of the giveaway and growing each others follower counts. It’s a generous way to help your audience.

What tips do you have to grow your following, leave it in the comments below.