When We Got Married

This blog has been on our list to write for years, but we are just now getting to it. Things have been in such limbo!

We tell the story of how our wedding planning went in the video below, make sure to watch. However, Bret did so much research on how to throw a gay wedding, we wanted to give you some real resources for you to use when planning your wedding

Some books that were priceless in helping us plan our wedding:

First thing is first, picking the date!

We have a blessing and a curse of working on a Broadway schedule so we chose to have our wedding on a Monday since we were off from our shows, and most of our friends were too.

The pros of picking an off date from typical weddings are plentiful. Most venues are losing money on dates not being used, so they will offer a discount to you if you give them an off date. However, you run the risk of many people not being able to make it to the wedding.


We had the ceremony at the Town Hall in Greenwich CT. It is so easy, and beautiful, to take the train from Grand Central, so Bret created a downloadable playlist for people to listen to on the train there, and another on the return to NYC. We knew not a lot people could come to the ceremony, so we planned a party that evening in Manhattan at the Manhattan Penthouse.

Manhattan Penthouse: They Catered, provided the bar, had the perfect view of NYC, and made the entire night perfect.


Everyone loves to give advice on how they did their wedding, but we will give you the bullet points of suggestions that we think made ours extraordinarily special.

  • Personal Donations

    • In lieu of gifts, we asked talented friends of ours to donate their services to the wedding. We had friends do the centerpieces, the cake, in charge of the memory book, and a group even put on a cabaret during dinner. Also, our Photographer and videographer were friends. which made everything feel so personal.

photo; Laura Marie Duncan

photo; Laura Marie Duncan

  • Unique Place settings.

    • Bret organized it so that each table had a different yellow flower, and you found your table when you received the matching seed packet or bulb.

    • Also, we rented books by the foot and color from the Strand Book store, completely affordable and made beautiful place settings.