WoRld Pride NYC - FOssil - #Theirstory

WoRld Pride NYC - FOssil - #Theirstory

This is the first year we have been invited to visibly participate in pride. Usually, we just go watch part of the parade and see friends, but because of the visibility we’ve created this year we’ve actually been asked to participate in different ways at Pride this year, and we couldn’t be more excited.

One organization that reached out to us, that particularly got Bret excited, was It Gets Better. They have an awesome campaign for pride called #theirstory and we were send this awesome care package to tell the story of people who inspire us and why. It included a Pride Flag, awesome sunglasses from Zenni optical and a cute T shirt from American Eagle that we will wear to the parade on Sunday.

Since Stephen isn’t here in NYC (he’s doing a show in Sacramento), and we were moving from TX back to NYC it was a little late in getting our message out, so we’ve decided to write a blog that will hopefully inspire you to tell the story of someone who you are grateful for and helped you realize it gets better.

We are so grateful to our Broadway community who not only has helped make LGBTQ equality possible in so many ways in our country, but also welcomed us back to NYC with open arms. If you don’t follow Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids you must get involved with the work they do.

We nominate Mo Brady & Stephen Oremus as they are both Dads that continue to inspire us and show us that it indeed truly does GET BETTER. We only hope we can be half the Fathers they’ve been able to be while continuing to pursue their creative work.


Another really cool charity opportunity we had was to partner with Fossil watches and their limited edition Pride 50 Watch. 100% of the proceeds of this watch were given to the Hetrick Martin Institute helping LGBTQ Youth get education, healthy, and live their best lives.

It’s so cool to see amazing companies like Fossil help to make a difference in the lives of others. You can do the same by supporting one or all of these organizations.

It may seem like equality exists, but we have a long way to go!

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