Growing Up Gay and Christian

Growing Up Gay and Christian

Growing up Christian can have seasons of tremendous highs and surprising lows. Growing up Christian and gay adds a whole other factor to the equation. 

In the video above, we discuss how our paths have ebbed and flowed to ultimately lead us to the United Church of Christ, an open, liberal congregation. We’ve found a community we look forward to spending Sundays with, one that our future child will know and be able to grow alongside with!

We are so thankful to for helping us sift through churches that we knew, walking in, that we would be accepted and our love would be celebrated! If you are in search of a church that you can be comfortable checking out, we couldn’t recommend enough! 

TL;DR: “It’s okay to be Christian. It’s okay to be gay.” We’d love to hear about your relationship with church, sexuality, and faith! Send us a message or DM us on Instagram. It’s not always easy, but we hope this video will help you with your faith journey or encourage you to maintain your current relationship with Christ. 


Bret and Stephen