Getting Our Groceries On

Getting Our Groceries On

We are not crazy about shopping for groceries. Trader Joe’s in Union Square is a madhouse, and, to be perfectly honest, we just don’t have time to wait in the crazy lines to get the things we need. That’s why we LOVE FreshDirect. We have been proud customers of theirs since our Astoria days and we don’t have any intention of stopping any time soon! They have an amazing selection of produce and ready-made foods, plus they carry our favorite coffee brand: Stumptown!

FreshDirect Stumptown Coffee.jpg

We created a favorites list of what we like to order from them here so you can eat like us before rehearsal, after rehearsal, or between shows. FreshDirect is also the perfect option for nights in with family, friends or your special someone. And even though summer is winding down, they offer incredible options that fit with your latest and greatest diet fads. Ever since we did Whole 30 we are addicted to FreshDirect’s scrambled eggs with spinach and potatoes. 

While we like to be adventurous at dinnertime, we are good, all-American boys at heart, so for lunch we tend to keep it simple with a turkey sandwich! A pro-tip we picked up from when we are running to and from the shows we are doing, Freshdirect 4-minute meals are amazing ways to get balanced meals to maintain energy throughout the day.

Finally, if you are like us and love perfectly measured meals, you can’t go wrong with their selection. We recommended some of our faves! If you’re already a FreshDirect fanatic like us, let us know what your favorite meals are so we can try them out!