We Got You Smelling Good

We Got You Smelling Good

We all lead incredibly busy lives. After a long day of working in the studio, dashing across town from one appointment to the next, or just getting ready for a much needed date night, one thing we make sure of is that we both stay smelling good!

After years of beta testing, what seems like, every cologne on the market, the both of us have settled on our favorite scents that we like to rock for a night out on the town, at a show, or while chilling at home with Netflix and takeout. Since the two of us love doing (almost) everything together, we are beyond excited to have partnered with WAFT to create a signature scent that is the perfect blend of what we both love and we bet you’ll love too! 


We don’t want to toot our own horns, but we think we’ve got the perfect scent that will give you that extra boost of confidence to take on your day. In case you were wondering, YES, it’s the perfect scent for a night out at a show! We love the theatre because of the personal experience it creates for the audience, and that’s why we’ve partnered with WAFT to create an experience for you. 

We had so much fun with this process and we want you to have as much fun as we did! We may have plenty of Broadway and dance credentials, but when we were approached with creating our own scent, we both said, “Whaaaat?” Our nerves were quickly put to rest with the incredibly user-friendly WAFT process! 

WAFT uses only natural scents and guides you through a journey to build your own scent customized to your taste. We created a scent of our own, and right now if you take the journey through our site, you get a sample of our scent with the one you customize yourself! 

What are you waiting for? Get to creating!